Videos Featuring Alpha Prison Ministries

APM Videos

This is our newest feature with testimonials from Alpha House residents and volunteers demonstrating the impact APM and Alpha House has in the lives of men we reach.

The video below is our full length (15 min) APM video. After viewing this video, you will have an effective introduction to APM and meet a few people whose lives have been changed. There is also an abridged 4½ minute version below. Studio packaged DVD copies of this video, also containing the abridged films, are available free on request.

Below is our 4½ minute abridged version, which is the same one featured on the Home page:

John, Peter, and James are each featured separately in 4 minute abridged films highlighting the three main areas of how this ministry works. We also feature the importance of our volunteers in the 3 minute video below:


APM Director Interviewed by Crossroads

This short interview between Dr. David Schuringa of Crossroads Bible Institute (CBI) and APM Executive Director Leon Alderman effectively highlights the ministry of APM, but it also demonstrates the collaboration between the two ministries; something that APM actively seeks.

Run time: 9 minutes

More recently, Leon was interviewed by Art Van Wolde of CBI along with Alpha House resident Elmer Frank. In addition to introducing APM and our mission and purpose, Elmer offers the perspective of how the ministry affects men in prison and after prison, particularly the importance of transitional housing and the difference Alpha House makes to men getting out of prison.

Run time: 29 minutes