About Alpha Prison Ministries

Our Mission

To evangelize and disciple men who happen to be prisoners and former inmates

We Are Not a “Large” Prison Ministry

Alpha Prison Ministries does not have thousands of supporters, we are much smaller than we appear. One reason you may get the impression this is a large ministry is that we adhere to a standard of excellence in everything we do. We represent Jesus Christ, and he is worthy of nothing less than our best. Some very committed and talented people make this ministry operate efficiently and professionally, giving it the appearance of being larger than it is.

We do however serve a big God and would be glad to have you join us.

Over 30 Years of Prison Ministry

Alpha Prison Ministries began in November, 1983 with only three volunteers and a vision to provide Bible studies and one-on-one mentoring of prison inmates. From the beginning, our success, and the difference we have made, has been measured one life at a time. Each prisoner we reach usually translates into that prisoner reaching others, so the results are multiplied many times over.

Our vision is to expand beyond the seven correctional facilities now being served. The state of Michigan has over 40 state prisons and 14 work camps. Alpha Prison Ministries seeks to serve more of these facilities through the prayers, financial support, and volunteers who choose to join us in this endeavor. If God has prompted you to help in some way, there are opportunities listed below for various methods of support.

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