Bringing Hope in Seemingly Hopeless Situations

An exciting reality for Alpha Prison Ministries is that just because someone is living behind bars, does not mean they are not free. It is not uncommon to find those in prison who are more free than many who live outside in what we call society. You can see it in their eyes; there is light, life, and the freedom that only God himself can produce.

Rather than being hopeless prison situations, God has demonstrated that his power is made perfect in weakness. The pages of this web site are filled with accounts of people's imperfect lives being transformed, and real stories of the Lord turning failure into success.

Alpha Prison Ministries reaches out to prisoners not only while they are in prison, but afterwards as well, when they are trying to integrate back into society. We seek to disciple them and bring about the full transformation of character that only true faith in Jesus Christ can provide. We desire to assist them in fulfilling God's calling for their lives, whether in prison or out of prison.

Prison Ministries Improve Our Society

In Michigan, it costs taxpayers well over $30,000 per year, per prisoner. Nationally, there are over two million people in prison. Aside from the waste of human potential, these numbers are a problem for all of us. It would be easy to get discouraged, but our God is bigger than the problem. Every life we impact matters.

The transition back into society for ex-offenders is challenging to say the least. The percentage that end up back in prison, and the fact that it usually only takes a few months, is sad. Alpha Prison Ministries has been successful in helping men break this cycle.

This success happens because we have people who will give them a chance and hire them. It happens because we receive generous support from people like you. It happens because we serve a God who changes hearts and transforms the one who committed a crime into a completely different person, a person who becomes an asset to our society.

Take time though to reflect briefly on the number of people in prison. Two million! That is the population of a very large city. Why so many? The mistakes that get them there are not hard to make. It could be one desperate and wrong choice, or a more minor choice that easily takes them down a path they never intended to go. It could be any number of reasons.

In any case, if you are not already involved in our ministry, your life and someone else's will be enriched if you can join us in some way.